POI S3 Premiere tomorrow! Less than 24 hours!

S2 BTS photos originally posted by poirewatch.tumblr

Greg and Jonah on set with Jim for the finale (S2E22)

Taraji takes a moment to pack her box after Carter’s framed for a bad shooting (S2E22)

Amanda and Jonah on set of Person Of Interest in New York (S2E16)

The 1st meeting of Finch and Shaw (S2E16)

While shooting ID pictures for their characters in the episode, Annie Parisse and Michael Kelly began improvising, resulting in this shot of Stanton and Snow (S2E13)

Kevin and  Karolina on set of POI (S2E12)

Mike Sopczynski on location with Boker (S2E06)

Amy and the crew prepare for the next shot in the train station sequence (S2E02)

Michael during a take of 201, where Finch talks to the machine in flashback (S2E01)